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Welcome to my Classroom!

Mrs. Dickson

1st Grade

Phone: 903-640-4090

Conference Time- 12:45-1:50

Phone Ext: 2352

Welcome to 1st grade!  The school year has started again, and I want you to know how excited I am to have your child in my class for this exciting and challenging new year.  I will keep you informed of your child’s progress and any upcoming events that may go on in the school year. Here is some important information for you to know:

Purple Take Home Folders:

Your child will receive a purple take home folder.  This folder will stay in your child’s backpack and will travel to and from school everyday.  The left side of the folder will be labeled “Keep at Home” where you will find your child’s graded papers or any papers that can be taken out and kept at home. The right side of the folder will be labeled “Return to School” where you will find your child’s spelling list, sight word list, reading log, and any papers that need to be filled out or signed and returned to school each day. Please make sure that the following items are returned in their Book Bag each day- Sight Word Folder, Purple Take Home Folder, and Reading Books!  Thank you

Weekly Newsletter:

On a weekly basis, I will be putting a newsletter in your child’s take home folder.  The newsletter will have the spelling pattern and sight words listed, as well as what skills we will be learning for the week and important events coming up.  Communication is key in making sure we have a smooth sailing school year, so I will do my best to make sure you know exactly what’s going on.

Homework and Grading:

Most assignments will be completed in class.  However, your child will need to look over and practice their sight words and spelling words each week in their take home folder.  Also, learning how to read is a very important part of first grade and requires practice everyday, so your child’s homework each night will be to spend at least 20 minutes to practice sight words, spelling words, and read.  The reading log needs to be signed with parent initials. It is important that your child reads each night to build fluency and comprehension.  I will be checking reading logs each morning for completion. Graded papers can be located on the left side of their take home folder.  Grades consist of the letters M- for skills mastered 100-85, D- for skills still developing 84-70, and E- for experiencing difficulty with skills 69-or below.

Classroom Behavior Management:

This year I will be using class dojo in our classroom.  This will be our classroom management track for the year.  Class dojo is an awesome tool to encourage positive behaviors, participation, working together, responsibility, and being prepared.  Please refer to the classroom dojo sheet in your meet the teacher folder to get further information on the website. Students can use their earned points for prizes.  Also as another incentive to encourage positive behavior, I will be passing out tickets that they can use at the end of each nine weeks to purchase items from the class store.  Just as at home, behavior in the classroom is a very important aspect of our day to ensure that all students have the best opportunities to learn this year.

Math Facts:

Along with reading each night, it’s also important that your child knows and practices their math facts such as addition and subtraction.  An easy way to practice these math facts is to use a set of flashcards. Each day we also practice our math facts on a computer program called Reflex Math in class.  Your child can also practice on this website at home.

I encourage you to contact me anytime you have questions or concerns. You can call me at the school (903) 640-4090 or send me an email to My conference time is from 12:45-1:50.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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