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Flexible Seating Information

Welcome!! I am very excited to meet each of you. I wanted to introduce our seating system, this year your child will be utilizing flexible seating in our classroom.

What is flexible seating?

In short, it is being able to sit in other options besides the traditional desk and chair. Although a traditional desk and chair can be an option for your student, we have 6 flexible seating options in our room. Please keep in mind that our number 1 rule is that they will be choosing a seat that works BEST for THEM. Some of these options may not work.

Yoga Balls- Students will be able to bounce slightly and wiggle while learning which can promote more concentration.


Standing Desk- Students will be able to stand to work at a raised table. There will be stools available for each standing spot to prevent over tiredness.


Wobble Stools- These students will be at traditional desk with a stool that has the ability to rock slightly while the student is seated. This allows the student to fidget and wiggle while working.


Bench Seating- Students will be on the floor sitting on/against the bench while using a clipboard to hold their work.


Rocker Seats- These will allow students to rock while sitting on the floor. These seats give each child the option of sitting away from a group for more individual time in times when they cannot concentrate or for those who just prefer sitting alone. These students will use a clipboard to hold their work.


Low Table- These students will be sitting on a pillow at a table that has been lowered to a height that allows students to have correct posture while sitting on the floor.


We have a total of 30 seats with the possibility of adding more as the need arises.

Why choose flexible seating?

There is plenty of research that supports this type of seating alongside the changing minds of our students. For me personally, it fits with my classroom managment position of giving the students some choice and responsibility over their learning. 

How will seating be assigned and introduced?

To start the day for the first week, each student will have a “home” spot where they will go to after breakfast. This will help each student learn the different options and will allow me to get a feel for the class and what direction we will go in the coming weeks. Every morning for the first several weeks we will go over every expectation, procedure, and rule related to each seating option. Students will have a clear understanding that they are to choose the seating option that fits their learning the best. They will also know that I have the authority to move anyone at anytime if I feel that their learning is not at their best.

What do I do when they sit by friends to talk?

This would fall under the rule that if they are not learning at their best, they will be moved. Since this will be a new concept to a majority, if not all, of my students, we will have clear procedures and expectations in order to stop any of these behaviors beforehand.

What happens if more than one child wants a certain spot?

There are at least 3 spots per area, with most areas having 5-6 spots available. If there is an option where more than the allowable students learn best, I will remedy that by introducing more of that type of seating or something similar.

What about substitutes?

When we start with clear procedures and expectations we are able to adapt in the case of a sub. Each student will have an assigned “hard spot” at a table or desk and depending on the level of comfort on the part of the sub will depend on the level of flexibility for the day.


I am looking forward to exploring your child's learning with them and I am excited for this year! Please feel free to come to me with any concerns, questions or just to chat about this exciting opportunity for your child.


Thank you for your support!!

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