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  • Madison Toland, born 7-10-19
  • My grandsons' first day of kindergarten
  • My kids, my mom, and me
  • Abby
  • Grayson and Kayson
  • Handbell choir at church
  • My mom, brother, sister, and me at Mom's 80th birthday party 2015
  • Window at Hardin Simmons University chapel
  • Johnny Wells and me playing at church
  • I used ti sing with this group, the Master Singers, based out of Abilene.
  • The boys
  • Bye Bye Birdie


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Welcome Back! January happenings...

I hope everyone has had a great back to school week! We have lots planned for the music room this month.

Kindergarten – Fast and slow, high and low, and the instruments of the orchestra

First grade – Martin Luther King, half notes, moving from lower to higher

Second grade – Rhythm reading, Martin Luther King

Third grade – Martin Luther King, preparing for our winter presentation ( to be presented late January via video).

November and December

I hopee everyone has had a great start back to school. I know I have enjoyed seeing my students after being out of school for so long! We have been busy in the music room learning new things!

Your child’s music grade is based on their participation. I never ask for perfection, but I do expect them to try!

I try to incorporate other subjects into my lessons such as social studies and history. We also summarize lyrics to songs and talk about word meanings. Music is very cross-curricular.

The 2nd 9 weeks of school, we will build on our previous lessons, and focus on these concepts:

K – rhythm and singing games

1st – rhythm reading and form

2nd – form

3rd – form, musical maps, and preparing for our January program, (which will be pre recorded)

Welcome Back to School!

I hope everyone has had a great start back to school. Things are a little different, but we are still learning. 

Because of COVID-19, we are unable to sing right now, but we listen and hum along to our songs.

September learning:

Kindergarten – Steady beat, using our 5 different voices, learning how to use the instruments, following the conductor

1st grade – Strong/weak beats, meters of 2,3, and 4, practicing rhythm

2nd and 3rd grade – Reading rhythm notation with quarter notes, eighth notes and rests. 



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