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Classroom Expectations











I watn every child to be successful and feel successful!  The classroom expectations are to help them be as successful as possible!  Along with those academic and safety expectations I want my students to be kind to each other and encourage each other.  I hope to create a safe, positive, and loving learning environment.  These classroom expectations and rules will help the day run smoothly while learning is taking place.  

We are very lucky to be able to have a  wide varity of technology at our fingertips.  We share an ipad cart with another class.  We are able to use math and reading apps to aid in the students learning and reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.  We also have 2 computer labs and an ipad lab.  These are utilized in many different ways.  We have a program called Istation.  This program is used on the computers or the ipad and it addresses multiple reading issues.  The availability of the computer labs and ipads definitely help make learning fun in the 21st century where technology is abundunt and at the students fingertips!  We also hve smart boards in our classrooms.  These help make our lessons interactive and gets the students up and participating more in the lessons!