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School Supply List





  • (2) Kleenex - doesn’t need to be name brand. Just something we can use to wipe noses. Students tend to grab, swipe once and throw away so cheaper is fine. 

  • Box of Colored Markers

  • Black Expo Markers (2 or 4 pack) 

  • Expo Eraser

  • Small Blanket - the student may not take a nap, but they like to lay on a mat during iPad time, special movie days, etc. A blanket is comforting/relaxing to use for calming as well. It will be sent home as needed for washing. 

  • Construction Paper 

  • Manila Paper

  • Small paint brushes for watercolor type activities

  • Foam paint brushes (with wood handle)

I know this is a small list, but we have supplies that were left over from years past and this year, so we are going to use those first! I’ve only added items that need replenishing for the beginning of next school year. We will send home specific requests for snacks throughout the year.