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School Supply List





  • (2) Kleenex - doesn’t need to be name brand. Just something we can use to wipe noses. Students tend to grab, swipe once and throw away so cheaper is fine. 

  • Box of Colored Markers

  • Black Expo Markers (2 or 4 pack) 

  • Expo Eraser

  • Small Blanket - the student may not take a nap, but they like to lay on a mat during iPad time, special movie days, etc. A blanket is comforting/relaxing to use for calming as well. It will be sent home as needed for washing. 

  • Construction Paper 

  • Manila Paper

  • Small paint brushes for watercolor type activities

  • Foam paint brushes (with wood handle)

We will send home specific requests for snacks throughout the year. If you have any questions, please let me know.