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Accelerated Reader (AR)



This year your child is participating in an individualized, supplementary reading program called Accelerated Reader, or AR. The AR program is a computer-based reading management program from Advantage Learning Systems, Inc. in which each student reads at his or her own pace and level of ability.

Our goal is to encourage the students to read more and select better books. Good literature is exciting and interesting, but it is also challenging. Students need motivation to select and read good books.

The program is simple: the child reads a book from the AR book list (accessible at AR Book Finder). Each book is labeled according to its reading level and length. Each book has also been assigned a point value, such as 0.5 point, 1.0 point, 2.0 points, and so on. After reading the book, your child goes to a computer or iPad and takes a test which measures his/her comprehension of the book. Upon finishing the quiz, the child gets a point score based on the number of questions he/she answered correctly.

This program provides motivation to read in a variety of ways. The test itself is one motivator, as well as being able to use the computer or iPad. Students will also become motivated by their individual progress. The biggest incentive to read will probably be the prizes and/or buttons awarded at various point levels, or the AR wall outside the library.

Parents are the key motivators and essential for the success of this program. Please encourage your child to read daily at home, or come by the library before or after school. Together we can get your child to read more, and develop a lifelong love of reading!



Classroom Number:
School Phone:
(903)640-4090 x 2302
Conference Time:
7:30 am to 8:15 am